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It was the very end of eighth grade when I first noticed my falling hair / thinning hair problem. Hair loss in eighth grade?! Geez. I noticed thinness on the very top / back of my head - the crown area. You know, one of the typical male pattern baldness starting points.

By the end of 9th grade, my entire head of hair was thin. You could see through to my scalp except for the sides and the back. Not too cool for a young guy in his mid-teens.

Why did I experience falling hair at such an early age? Well, I'm genetically destined to lose my hair at some point or another. Thinning hair and baldness genetically runs in my Mother's side of the family. I do believe there is truth to the "If you're Grandfather on your Mother's side is bald" theory. Sorry.

You carry over certain genes from your Mother that have to do with hair growth and hair loss. My Grandfather on my Mother's side is completely bald. My Uncle (Grandfather's Son) is completely bald as well. His Grandfather on his Mother's side was completely bald too.

In my case, it wasn't only genetics. I had taken a heart medication for years, which had accelerated my hair loss. One of the side effects was alopecia (male pattern baldness). I didn't realize this until several years ago - Early 2001! While I normally wouldn't have had to worry about falling hair / thinning hair until my mid to late twenties, I was experiencing hair loss in eighth grade.

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